Never Too Old to Make a Dream Come True

by Wendy Scott, M.A., B.A., CDP

When you wake up at 50, do you look back and realize that you had
not fulfilled some of your dreams and wishes?

Let’s face it most people do look back and wish they could have
done more with their lives. Should we let our goals that are
unachieved be a regret or can we continue to accomplish goals we
have set for ourselves? Some people feel fortunate with what they
have accomplished in life. Others feel as though obstacles got in
their way of achieving their dream and would like an opportunity
to complete their goals. To all of you reading this article, I
want you to know that no matter what your age is, you are never
too old to dream and set goals for yourself.

It is true most dreams are unobtainable but dreaming encourages
people to make something positive happen in their lives. As we
grow older, we develop a plan that fits best for our lifestyle.
Sometimes the plan means putting our personal goals and dreams on
hold because it is not conducive to your lifestyle at that
moment. However that does not mean those goals and dreams will
never be obtained. It is never too late to dream and achieve
your goals.

Some of you may be thinking that you can’t fulfill a dream
because of your age. Yes, it is true some dreams are age
appropriate. However, you can always modify or make changes to
your goal or dream that is suitable for you and your lifestyle.

When Oprah Winfrey turned 50 she began to say 50 is the new 30.
Think about this statement, 50 is the new 30. Society’s
perception of 50 has changed dramatically over the last decade.
50 is not old, in fact people in their 50’s are still young,
vibrant, energetic, hard working individuals that don’t allow age
to overcome their life. Age is all about how you feel inside,
mind over matter.

Getting older is not the end of the world. In fact, it can be a
new beginning. Now that you are older you may have more time to
accomplish some of your goals. It is never too late to live life
the way you want to. Since it is the beginning of a new year, set
one goal that you would like to achieve.

When you reach that goal, set one more and continue this pattern
until you feel you have reached all of your goals. You may come
to find that no matter what your age is, you will always have
goals to fulfill. Have a Happy New Year and good luck with making
your dreams come true.

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